Looking for an event speaker or host? Angelica is a confident, self-assured and light-hearted host, who has plenty of experience running events of all sizes, from 40-people masterclasses to talks of over 300. Most recently, she has moderated panel events for Freuds, the British Library, Work.Life and WeWork.

Keynote Talks

Angelica gives engaging and exciting talks at corporate events, conferences and festivals throughout the UK. She’s available for keynote talks and after-dinner speeches in the UK and beyond, get in touch for testimonials: angelica@abouttimemagazine.co.uk.

Sample Topics for Events

Here are some samples topics Angelica can speak on:

  • The future of female entrepreneurship
  • How to turn a business idea into reality
  • How to build and grow a team
  • How to find fulfilling work
  • How to build an online community
  • How to manage cash flow as a small business
  • How to scale your business
  • How to nail your PR strategy
  • How to start your own portfolio career

Why choose Angelica for your event? As an entrepreneur, lifestyle journalist and prolific supporter of female empowerment, Angelica is the perfection addition to any event. Angelica is a calm, collected event moderator who will make your event shine and a passionate keynote speaker who inspires audiences.

Event Moderating

If you’re looking for a great event moderator in London, Angelica has moderated over 90 events in London, working with brands such as ASTO, NatWest Business, BOOM Cycle and Livia’s. Angelica is confident moderating panels on the following topics:

  • Generation Z and millennial habits
  • Personal finance
  • Entrepreneurship, start-ups and women in business
  • Personal wellbeing and fitness
  • Workplace happiness and wellbeing
  • Social media, digital and the future of magazines
  • Author Q&As
  • Building a brand

Angelica Malin also has featured as an expert panelist at many events (see here), most recently including Courier Live, RED Smart Women Week and Cision UK.

Previous Events