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Bestselling author, business consultant & Entrepreneur

Angelica Malin

Looking to get publicity for your brand & build your public profile? Want guidance on the next step of your career? Let award-winning entrepreneur and author Angelica Malin support your career journey.

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Business + PR + Consultancy

Angelica offers 1:1 business consultancy and coaching for ambitious entrepreneurs who want support in building their dream career and life. Angelica offers bespoke business and PR consultancy, and is training to be ICF-accredited Associate Certified Coach (ACC). Book a free discovery call here.

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1:1 sessions


Consultancy is a hands-on support for your business. I specialise in business, career & PR consultancy – this offering is perfect for anyone wanting to create a solid plan for their business, gain visibility and build their personal brand. We can focus on the areas that need the most advice in your business and help you strategically grow to reach maximum potential. 

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1:1 sessions


Coaching is non-directional, future-focused support for your career and life. We can work together on any areas of your life that you feel stuck and overwhelmed, whether it’s career, purpose, personal life or general direction. I work with individuals across a broad range of industries, from finance to law, media to wellbeing, to help guide you through unique challenges in your work and life. 

About Me

Hello, I'm Angelica Malin

I’m a bestselling author, journalist & business consultant. With over 10+ years experience working in magazines and working with entrepreneurs, I know what makes a great media story and am so excited to help your business get the attention it deserves.

I offer both 1:1 consultancy and coaching. If you want to build momentum for your business, get clear on your strategy or get media attention, then consultancy is the one for you. If you want non-direction, gently guided support for your career or personal life, then coaching is the answer. Both in a free discovery call today to see which is the right fit for you.


'I am a recently-graduated Nutritionist and have been lucky enough to have two coaching sessions with Angelica. Our two sessions have been invaluable and I'm so excited for our future sessions. I highly recommend that anyone looking to grow their business works with Angelica ' Sophie, London