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Angelica Malin is a highly sought-after global moderator, MC and keynote speaker, who delights audiences around the world with her vibrant on-stage presence. Based between London and New York, Angelica is experienced in hosting in-person, virtual and hybrid panel events, fireside conversations and conferences globally.

Angelica’s journalism background influences her unique moderating style. Angelica is Editor-in-Chief at About Time; the UK’s leading lifestyle site, and writes for The i, Grazia, the Telegraph and many more. She’s a regular commentator on television and radio, including Good Morning Britain, GB News, BBC Radio London and TalkTV.

Angelica is the bestselling author of three non-fiction books: #SheMadeIt: a Toolkit for Female Founders in the Digital Age, Unattached: Empowering Essays on Singlehood and The PR Bootcamp: Take your Business from Invisible to Unstoppable. Angelica also offers 1:1 coaching on publicity and public speaking – she’s also an ICF-accredited life coach and offers bespoke coaching packages. 

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Why Work with Angelica:

Thinking of hiring Angelica for your next event? Here’s what you can expect working with Angelica as a moderator or MC – and what makes her, in the words of the Evening Standard, ‘a true professional’:


Angelica can:

➡️ Organise a prep call with event organisers to understand their objectives

➡️ Use her extensive social influence (100k+ followers) to promote your event

➡️ Record a short video or create other social media assets which highlight her involvement in the event and helps people understand why they should attend

➡️ Work with you to ensure that her questions for the panel align with the needs of your audience and your event

➡️ Write insightful and thought-provoking questions for the panel or event + brief panelists 

On the Day

Angelica can:

➡️ Be as charismatic stage presence, lead the event and engage with attendees in real life

➡️ Work with organisers to deliver a seamless panel event that fits your audience’s specific needs

➡️ Brief speakers in-person on the day and answer any questions

➡️ Support with press interest by being available for on-site video and audio interviews, providing soundbites and testimonials 


Angelica can:

➡️ Boost exposure of event by sharing on social media and interacting with event attendees

➡️ Use her extensive network to recommend the event to future speakers or sponsors

➡️ Do a thorough post-event call with organisers to provide feedback and insights

➡️ Provide a written or video testimonial about the event to help promote future events

➡️ Support on any media requests, providing content for interviews or features

Angelica Malin, Angelica Malin moderator, event moderator in London

Moderator + MC

As a professional moderator & MC, Angelica has hosted over 150 virtual, live and in-person events around the world. She’s a dynamic, engaging stage presence, and loves crafting, impactful inspiring conversations. This year, she has moderated at conferences in London, Paris & New York.

Angelica Malin, About Time Magazine

Keynote Speaker

Angelica is an engaging keynote speaker who has delivered speeches for companies including Santander, ASTO and the Event Organisers Summit 2022. Angelica’s specialist subjects are female empowerment in the workplace (ideal for International Women’s Day 2023) and visibility – covering public relations, social media and personal brand. Bespoke talks available on request. 


Described as one of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs on Instagram by Marie Claire, Angelica is on a mission to empower women everywhere to live their most fulfilled life. 

She’s a multi-passionate entrepreneur, whose career spans moderating, keynote speaking, book writing and presenting podcasts. Whatever helps spread the message that we can – and should – live our lives to the fullest. 

Angelica has been featured in Vogue, Management TodayForbes & Real Business. She’s written for The i, Refinery29, the Jewish Chronicle, the Evening Standard and Business Insider. 

A regular commentator on broadcast media, including Good Morning Britain, GB News and TalkTV, Angelica is available for TV commentary, freelance writing and global moderating opportunities. Her second book Unattached: Essays on Singlehood, was an instant bestseller with Penguin in February 2022.


She Made It: The Toolkit for Female Founders in the Digital Age

Your go-to guide to launching your own business, finding your feet and voice as a woman in business. It details the practicalities of being an entrepreneur and your own boss, guiding you through the day to day running of a start-up with lessons in hiring a team, raising investment and backing yourself and your ideas

The PR Bootcamp: Take Your Business from Invisible to Unstoppable

The PR Bootcamp is the ultimate toolkit for businesses who want to raise their profile, get featured in the media and boost credibility around their brand. 

It offers invaluable insights on how to create a successful, objectives-driven PR strategy – without the price tag of an agency – that supports your business goals.

Angelica Malin, Angelica Malin moderator, event moderator in London

Unattached: Empowering Essays on Singlehood

Have you ever worried about going on holiday alone? Felt queasy at the thought of Valentine’s Day without a date? Thought to yourself, “I want what she has?”

Thirty women, from Megan Barton-Hanson and Shaparak Khorsandi to Shon Faye and Stephanie Yeboah write on what single womanhood in the modern age means to them. This book is the tonic you need.