Do you want to build you speaking career? You’ve come to the right place. With my guidance, you can learn how to market yourself as a speaker and build a profitable, effective speaker profile. We’ll work together over 3 months to refine your speaking offering and build opportunities. 

Do you want to speak on bigger stages?

Your voice deserves to be heard. 

My 1:1 speaking coaching will help you find those stages and get strategic – together we’ll  build you a profile that allows you to access them. 

You don’t need a PR or social media agency to get those opportunities for you; and in fact, learning how to do the work yourself is one of the best investments you can make for you and your business. 

The fact you’re here shows me you’re ready for your voice to be heard – now let’s clarify your message together and get you booked. 

It’s time to build your personal brand

Building a speaking career is a strategic endeavour, so we’ll carefully work together over 3 months to create the right profile for your personal goals. Through our 3-months of working together, we’ll work on:

  • – A social media strategy that supports your speaking goals
  • – Your keynote topics and messages
  • – A content strategy that attracts event bookers
  • – Writing speaking contracts
  • – Maximising opportunities – marketing materials from speaking opportunities 
  • – A website that supports your speaking goals 
  • – How to get paid speaking engagements

Why now? 

I’m passionate about amplifying women’s voices. I want more women on stage. And getting paid for it too. 

I have a feeling you want more, too.

If you’re ready to step into your power and get more amazing opportunities, then book a discovery call to find out more. Sharing your story is crucial to your business. 

Together let’s work together to build a revolution. 

The support I offer:

  • – Gaining clarity on what you’re trying to achieve with public speaking and why
  • – Identifying the best events and conferences for your speaking goals
  • – Discovering how to build relevant event bookers
  • – How to create a social media and content strategy that supports your speaking goals
  • – How to pitch yourself as a speaker
  • – Building confidence with public speaking 
  • – Perfecting great speaking materials (speaker kit etc) to show you in the best light

How you will feel:

  • – More confident in understanding the speaking landscape and how to pitch yourself
  • – More confident in your speaker materials with my expert feedback
  • – More clear on what your speaking goals are and how to go after them 
  • – More clear on how to use social media to support your speaking goals and the relationship between the two

Your investment

£1500 / $1800 in full (payment plans also available)

There will be an opportunity to work together beyond our initial 3-month programme. Book a free discovery call to chat more and find out more about working together.