Angelica offers a variety of 1:1 sessions. All sessions are 60-minutes and take place on Zoom – you’ll also get a recording of the session after the call. They can be personalised around your individual needs. You can book time with Angelica here.

PR Session

Are you sick of being the internet’s best-kept secret? As an editor and journalist with six years experience, I know what journalists *really* want. In this 60-minute video call, we’ll talk through your current PR strategy, the press materials you need and explore how raise the profile of your brand through the media. Great for start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses, this is the first step in building a PR strategy for your business.

What we’ll cover:

  • How to use press releases effectively
  • How to find the right stories to pitch for your brand
  • How to find journalists contact details & build rapport
  • How to write an amazing email pitch
  • How to discover what journalists really want

£100 for 1 session / £320 for a block of 4 sessions

Deluxe PR Session

Want to take things a step further? My VIP PR package is the one for you. I’ll give you ongoing support on the PR strategy for your brand and you’ll have access to my personalised feedback on your pitches. We’ll explore your PR opportunities on a 60-minute video call, and then you’ll get personalised feedback from me.

What’s Included:

  • 60-minute video call
  • Personalised PDF of story ideas & journalist suggestions after the call
  • One month support & feedback on your pitches with me via What’s App
  • Tailored feedback on your pitches

£175 for 1 session / £600 for a block of 4 sessions

Instagram 101

Want to get all the latest advice on building your social media presence? Having built an audience of 100k across platforms, Angelica KNOWS all the tips and tricks that will help grow your social media channels. In this 60-minute video call, we’ll cover everything you need to grow.

What We’ll Cover:

  • Your current social media strategy and pain points
  • Your personal social media goals
  • Analyse your current content, captions, posts and performance
  • Look at tools and tricks to help grow followers
  • Create a realistic Instagram strategy going forward
  • Help create a content strategy going forward, including Stories, IGTV and Reels

£100 for 1 session / £320 for a block of 4 sessions

Freelance Writing

If you’re looking to pursue a freelance career or create more freelance opportunities for yourself, this 1:1 session is perfect for you! I’ve been freelancing for six years, writing for the likes of the Telegraph, Business Insider, the Times and Grazia, and can answer all your burning freelancing questions.

What we’ll cover:

  • How to start building your freelance career
  • How to design a great personal website
  • How to create an attractive portfolio
  • How to start generating freelance opportunities
  • How to use social media to supercharge your freelance career
  • Any questions you have about freelancing

£100 for 1 session / £320 for a block of 4 sessions


I had my first session with Angelica and it was so worth it. Angelica has that magic sauce of PR/ journalist expertise with a coach mindset and techniques which was exactly what I needed to have more clarity with my goals and the best steps to get there, from an insider point of view. She’s also super friendly and genuinely supportive. I highly recommend her coaching sessions!Anon, London

“Angelica’s PR seminar was extremely useful, with action steps we could begin to take immediately after it completed. I’m looking forward to our 1 on 1 to help improve our individual pitches!” Joshua Luft, EverLasting Wardbrobe

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenging time for everyone, and it’s had a major impact on PRs too. Angelica’s session wasn’t only a glimpse into what journalists are looking for right now, it was also representation of how they’ve had to adapt too. You can search on the internet until you’re blue in the face, but you’d never find the kind of insight she provided. She was fun to listen to, got straight to the point and gave some fantastic food for thought. Sometimes, you just need to sit down for an hour and step outside of what you think you already know. Angelica’s session helps you do that. I’ll definitely be booking onto more of her webinars.” Gemma Birbeck, PR Consultant & Founder

“I attended the “What Journalists Want” webinar hosted by Angelica Malin as I needed to start growing press for myself and my media brands. Found the session really insightful, and left armed with some fundamental strategic principles plus a few hacks! Learnt loads.” – Alexandra Hearth (Nike, Cleopatras Worldwide, Hot Girls Podcast)

“I had a great coaching session with Angelica and came away with a clear set of actions and goals that made me feel a lot more in control and motivated. It was incredibly helpful having someone experienced help me to find direction and structure and I got so much out of just one session!” Rosanna, London

After following Angelica on social media for a while now, she was the first person I thought of when I decided I wanted to invest in career coaching. We had a one hour session which gave clarity to my strengths, weaknesses and goals, as well as giving me the push I needed to get the wheels in motion towards establishing myself in the freelance world. Angelica just gets people and knows the ins-and-outs of freelancing life! I won’t hesitate to book Angelica again when I’m further along in my journey.” Hannah, London